Wedding details: Things to consider

When planning your wedding it’s easier to see the big picture. The colors, the vibe, and the florals. However, it’s hard to think of the small wedding details that will make the difference, and which are okay to let go. I know because I had such a hard time thinking about what could make the wedding more of a night to remember for everyone attending. For the wedding prep If you are the type of bride that is OCD about how the photos will turn out, then I definitely recommend getting makeup and hair done for everyone. I personally didn’t mind either way and I loved how all the girls turned out. However, for the guys suit rentals – one of the GM brought up a good point about different shoes and socks. I knew that it would bother me if the tones were off, so I requested that they… View Post

A Day in Venice, Italy

As part of our anniversary celebration this year Kevin and I spent a little over a day in the romantic city of Venice! I had pretty low expectations of the city as I had a not so great time in Rome. But I was so amazingly surprised. It is truly beautiful at every turn and I could spend the whole day just walking around and eating gelato hehe. Sights to see Day 1 I’m honestly very impressed with how much of Venice we were able to see in just a little over a day. So I would recommend 2-3 days as enough time to spend here. First up, of course all the canals are beautiful and I had to resist stopping at every single one to snap a photo. And luckily, getting around Venice is easy and pretty much everything is within walking distance. Then, once we dropped off our… View Post

Switzerland: How To Do 3 Cities in 3 Days

One of the best last minute decisions I have ever made, was to book a trip to Switzerland only a week in advance. I’m still adjusting to the new European holiday schedule and didn’t realise there was a long weekend coming up, so we went for it! In three days we were able to explore Interlaken, Lauterbrunnen and Oeschinensee. How? Well let me break it down for you. 🙂 Day 1: Land in Switzerland, head to Interlaken We chose to take an early flight into Basel, Switzerland on Friday morning – picked up the rental car and were on our way! The drive from Basel took about 2 hours to the town of Lauterbrunnen where we were staying. It was the cutest and roomiest Swiss chalet apartment. There was a balcony directly facing the famous Staubbach waterfall! Check out the listing on Booking here. (And $20 off your next booking… View Post

A Weekend in Majorca! (Mallorca)

Hey everyone! I have kickstarted my spring/ summer travels this year by going to Majorca (Mallorca) on a bachelorette trip. And it was AH-MAH-ZING! The waters were some of the bluest I’ve ever seen. Spain is definitely one of my favourite countries to visit because I love me some tapas and this island is definitely a gem in the Balearic Sea. If you’re looking for a vacation to just relax and beach bum it, Majorca is the place for you! It’s perfect as a couples getaway, group trip or bachelorette like in my case. So let me break it down how to spend the ultimate weekend in Majorca. How to get around Majorca We chose to rent a car and drive around since it was pretty affordable, about $50 USD for the whole weekend Friday-Monday. But if that’s not an option for you, during peak season public transportation is pretty… View Post

Expat Life In Amsterdam: 3 Month Update!

Earlier this year Kevin and I moved our entire life from California to… THE NETHERLANDS! And for the past three months we have been trying to live our best Expat life in Amsterdam. We’ve been here for just over three months now and so far and, spoiler alert — we love it! How it happened When Kevin and I first started dating I told him that a dream of mine was to experience the nomad life and travel long-term before I could “settle down”. I wanted to really be immersed in a culture other than the Silicon Valley. And luckily he loved the idea! Obviously there is serious prep work needed to make the dream happen — save up money, can we make passive income, and health insurance, etc. The plan originally was to work for a couple years then quit our jobs and travel. Then maybe when we finished… View Post