Bali Guide: How to Spend Seven Days in Heaven

Hello jet setters! I just got back from a 7 day trip to Bali and can I just say – it was AMAZING! As with all trips there were unexpected changes, but that’s what makes it an adventure right? Kevin and I arrived in Bali and headed straight for Ubud – the cultural center of Bali. We stayed at Wapa di Ume upon our arrival and the service there was probably the best out of all the hotels we stayed – the concierge and all staff were so thoughtful and friendly. We were also lucky to stay at The Kamandalu Ubud, a 5-star resort where we had a floating breakfast in our pool. Needless to say we really enjoyed ourselves on the Island of the Gods. From Ubud, we headed out on a 24 hr journey to the smaller islands of Gili Trawangan. Honestly, unless you’re a huge scuba diver, snorkeler,… View Post

Bali Guide: Snippets of Seminyak

Hey travel bugs! I recently visited the beautiful island of Bali and wanted to share my tips and tricks to having an amazing time there. Kevin and I  had been planning this trip for months and I think it really exceeded our expectations. We were afraid we would have to cancel our plans due to the Level 4 volcano warning – but luckily we decided to go through with the trip it was reduced to Level 3 the day we got there! I highly recommend visiting Bali, it’s a beautiful island with lots of secret spots to be discovered and many well known places to relax. One of the busiest areas in Bali is the Seminyak/ Kuta area and I stayed at a gorgeous villa in Seminyak called The Amala. The hotel is a beautiful and quiet oasis located just off of the main central area. Perks include free shuttle… View Post

Styled Comfort: Athleisure

Hello my lovely readers! Thank you for clicking and checking out my page. Whether you’re here because you personally know me or because you stumbled upon this page on accident – it means a lot. If you DO know me, you’ll know I LIIIIVE in athliesure whether I end up going to the gym or not. So if you catch me on the block, this is probably what you’ll find me in. I included some links below to my favorite items that take me from the gym to the streets. Okay so these crop tops from Outdoor Voices have been giving me life. I like that they’re a little longer than other crop tops since I have a super long torso and when I wear crop tops more often than not they look like bralettes. Because of the length I can wear them to work out, on flights, and whenever… View Post

Looking back at 25

Hey guys! I’m no longer 25 and heading into my journey of year 26! Looking back at how I began year 25 – it was so different compared to where I am today. I am moving forward into the second quarter of my life with excitement, such a big contrast from being utterly lost at 25. Even though I started off my 25th year completely clueless – knowing I wanted things to change but not knowing where to start, I think it turned out pretty great! In 2016 I had my heart broken and mended, resigned from my job to start on a new career path and also decided to start this blog! (Thank you Elena for starting this journey with me!! <3) Through it all, my family and friends are what have gotten me through one of the toughest and best years of my life. Change is great but I’ll be… View Post