Q1 Checkup: Fitness Goals and Classpass Review

Rough Start to 2018 I started off 2018 by being probably the sickest I’ve ever been in a long time – I wasn’t able to leave the house for a week! And after that, just getting ramped back up while dealing with some huge changes in my personal life had me feeling very overwhelmed and out of control. Surprisingly this made me focus more on taking care of the things that I could actually do something about. I decided to focus my time on the blog, my career, and my health. If you remember last year in January I went to Whistler, Canada, fell off a T-bar lift rolled┬átumbled down the side of a cliff, and sprained my back. After a year of taking it easy and lots of yoga I am finally feeling strong enough to get back to my fitness goals by lifting and working out fully! Woot!… View Post