New Year, New Faves: Winter Essentials

Winter Faves Everytime the seasons change, I always have to switch up my facial skin routine! When it goes from Summer to Winter, I need to load up on the moisturizing creams. If you tend to have oily skin these products may not be for you since I have normal/ dry combo skin. This Fall I went to Bali and Thailand where it was humid and nice for my skin. And the drastic change when I got back to a Bay Area winter wreaked havoc on my skin. I immediately started breaking out in dry patches. So here are some of the products I purchased with my VIB 20% off to try that have become my new faves (and some other fun things I purchased recently): Loved: Glossier: Brown Boy Brow – I purchased this after hearing good things, and also because I really wanted to cut my morning ritual… View Post