Jordan Guide: Overall Itinerary

Hi! So you want to visit Jordan eh? If you follow me on social media – you know its one of my favorite countries that I’ve visited. It just blew away all my expectations, from the different landscapes to all the kind people we met there. Jordan definitely belongs on the top of your bucket list! So lets jump right into this Jordan Guide.

Getting around Jordan

Renting a car in Jordan was quite easy and not stressful at all. Keep in mind we didn’t drive in Amman the main busy city. We picked up our car directly at Amman airport and after we did all the paperwork we were on our way. We landed later in the evening so there was less traffic and drove directly out of the city to the Dead Sea. Check out my Dead Sea hotel review here! Google Maps was good at getting us around and overall pretty accurate. Even though there were some sketchy shortcut roads we weren’t sure about, but it all ended up being correct! If you plan on going to Wadi Rum, I would recommend a 4×4 to drive through the sand to get to your lodging. (Most will provide a ride, if you don’t rent a 4×4). For some reason our guide thought that our car was good enough to get through the sand – getting there was fine, but we had a little bit of a jam on our way out lol.

Jordan Guide: Things to do

Dead Sea

Places I definitely recommend seeing in Jordan is making a stop at the Dead Sea for a relaxing float. At least 2 days here would be good! Dead Sea post here. Another option would be to add this as your last stop to relax after all your other activities before you head back to Amman to catch your next flight.


And of course, you can’t forget the epic Wonder of the World – Petra. Ever since my parents went years ago I’ve been dreaming of seeing it for myself. I would recommend at least 3 days to explore the whole of Petra (not just the famous Treasury).

Check out my post here for all Petra hikes and detailed breakdown of itinerary. If you plan on visiting multiple sites in Jordan, you may want to consider any of the Jordan Passes here.

Wadi Rum

After Petra, if you haven’t had enough of the desert yet – you should definitely check out Wadi Rum Desert! There are a bunch of super cool glamping hotels out there and its a great spot to disconnect, star gaze and imagine what its like to live on Mars! You can book a variety of activities usually at whichever hotel you stay at, for example – we booked a sunset safari. This is hotel we picked.


If you have a few extra days at the end of the rest of your trip, I recommend a couple days in Aqaba. It’s a great spot to go diving if you have your PADI certification and somewhere you can get that beach vacation in Jordan. We stayed at the Kempinski Hotel there as well and really enjoyed our time.

Jordan Guide: Overall Tips

I often get asked if I feel safe in the countries I visit and I would definitely say Jordan is one of the safer countries. Driving around was really easy and the locals are so friendly. We had multiple instances where we needed help (getting COVID test results in time, retrieving a lost item etc) and every one was so helpful! I will say the one downside is that the conversion rate between the Jordanian Dinar and US Dollar isn’t great so its not the most affordable country to visit, but its so worth it!

Check out all my Jordan posts to help with planning your visit!

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