Kempinski Ishtar Hotel: Dead Sea, Jordan

The Dead Sea has been pretty high on Kevin and I’s list of places to visit and when our trip to Israel was cancelled in 2020 due to COVID we were so excited to be able to make a visit happen, just on the other side! So if you’re considering a visit to the Dead Sea, don’t count out the Jordan side when you plan your trip. And there are also so many wonderful destinations to visit as well! Check out my blog here if you add Petra, a world wonder, to your list.

Why Kempinski?

We decided to book the Kempinski Ishtar and we loved our entire stay there. They have hotel guests only access to the Dead Sea with the mud masks complimentary there as well. The staff there will help you rinse off and explain how to use the masks. And honestly they needed to help people rinse off with fresh water when they forgot its salty water and tried to swim with their head underwater (lol do not recommend). You can also hang out here to enjoy some fire sunsets. I meaaaan… check it out.

Dead Sea Jordan sunset

I recommend staying at least 2 nights there. They have couple different restaurants on site as well as multiple pools on site you have to check out. The cool bowl like infinity pool is interesting to climb out of, as well as the larger pool that is kid friendly. And ANOTHER hanging gardens type pool.

If you stay here, you have to get the lamb mansaf, which we were told is their signature dish. We got it as room service on the first night and it was delicious!! Along with the pool side restaurant, certain nights they hold a traditional BBQ type of dinner event. And you can pre book that with the concierge. And with an extensive breakfast buffet every day – you definitely won’t want to (or need to) leave.

Overall Review

I usually don’t write reviews like this, and this is not sponsored in any way. We really enjoyed our stay at the Kempinski Ishtar. We agreed that this would be a great place to bring our families to relax. The concierge (and all the staff) were super attentive to our needs our whole stay. For example I ordered a simple ice latte, and the server went above and beyond and made it an affogato ice cream sundae! Which was PERFECT for sunny poolside relaxing. ALSO! I left a swimsuit at the hotel, and they figured out a way to get it to me at the airport right before we left! Like.. wow. We enjoyed this location so much we even booked their location in Aqaba by the Red Sea. I hope one day we’ll be back!

You can book the Kempinski Ishtar here!

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