Resort Review: Ozenlife Maadhoo, Maldives

Hello loves! It’s been a minute since I’ve updated the blog since I’ve been really busy with moving and my new job – but my recent trip has inspired me to write again. I’m so excited to share with you my honest review of my stay at Ozenlife Maadhoo in the Maldives for our two year wedding anniversary.

When we were trying to decide where to stay etc in the Maldives, there were so many options that I honestly just wanted to pick any one at the end and f**k it. So K ended up picking this one and he made such a great choice so I will share with you all and perhaps convince you to stay as well.

Why we chose Ozenlife Maadhoo, Maldives
  • Inclusive of transfer to and from the Maldives airport, Male to the resort.
    • this is important because most resorts will charge you an extra fee which is usually $$ (see example from another hotel we were considering)
  • Transfer is a short 40 min fast boat ride from the airport
    • If small planes make you nervous, then this one is for you because you don’t need to ride a seaplane (which is usually the case for other resorts and why it’s so expensive)
    • HOWEVER! If you get seasick – pack a dramamine.
  • Reasonably priced All-Inclusive Plan
    • At the these Maldives resorts, basically everything is imported as each resort is its own island. So you bet your booty that everything is expensive. Meals could easily cost you $100 per meal for 2 (not including drinks) so having the peace of mind while you’re on vacation is VERY worth it.
OzenLife Maldives
Tips to make the most of your time

Unfortunately for K and I we could only stay 3 nights, 4 days due to work and other prior engagements. But my biggest tip if you fly alll the way to the Maldives – I recommend booking at minimum the 4 nights all inclusive package. Because once you hit the 4 night minimum the inclusive plan includes a whole lot more. For example one time dining at their underwater restaurant M6M – this is something you’ll definitely want to do because it’s super cool and a unique experience. And the 4 nights package also includes a spa service – which obviously, you’re going to want on a romantic or any getaway.

M6M Maldives

I recommend booking at minimum the 4 nights all inclusive package.

More reasons to book more nights – usually resorts will have over water villas and on land bungalows. If you have more time I would suggest booking part half of your time in each type of room. The land bungalows have direct beach access, whereas the water villas give you direct access to prime scuba territory.

ALSO! Ozen Life Maadhoo has so many options for excursions we weren’t there long enough to enjoy them all (dolphin sunset cruise, sunset fishing, scuba diving and even a submarine excursion!). If we were there longer then we would’ve loved to do them all!

My second tip would definitely be – ALWAYS. WEAR. SUNBLOCK. and don’t forget to reapply. (see below)

Other than that, enjoy your time in the Maldives! We had such a relaxing time there and don’t worry you’ll never get bored with the food options there because they have 3 other restaurants on the island that are included as well. And also BBQ nights on Fridays! Here’s some more inspo for you guys to visit.

couple Maldives
couple maldives

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