Muralla Roja: What You Need to Know

Okay friends, we have all seen the beautiful images of this building La Muralla Roja – designed by Spanish architect Ricardo Bofill in 1968. The vibrant colors and lines are definitely something special to see in person. I’ve had this place bookmarked for a couple years now and never thought I’d actually have the chance to visit for myself until recently. But before you go – here are a few things you should know!

The most important thing to know before visiting La Muralla Roja

You cannot go inside the building unless you book a nights stay.

That’s right. The building is actually an apartment complex that is in use! Luckily, there are some units that are available to book on Airbnb!

We stayed in this one here. We picked this one because it was mid-tier for price, and the views of the water looked great! It also looked clean and had lots os room. When we arrived it was perfect because it’s a unit thats near the outer edges of the complex and only required one flight of stairs to get to. Which is super helpful if you have heavy or a lot of luggage.

Muralla Roja Airbnb

Here are some additional options as well if you come in a larger group.

Option 2: Two bedrooms with amazing views. From the picture it looks like its a bit higher up so will be a longer luggage hike up there. But worth the views!

Option 3: This one looks like its been renovated recently! But looks like a lower level apartment/ and easy to get to!

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Things to note about staying here – the building itself is quite old and don’t expect ultra modern furnishings etc. But the links I’ve included here are quite comfortable and honestly just being able to explore the building makes it 5 stars!

This is also still an apartment complex with people living here so please be mindful when wandering around and taking photos!

La Muralla Roja – History

La Muralla Roja was built in 1973 and designed by Richard Bofill with 50 residences and many open and interconnected patios, with a pool on the roof! When designing the building he referenced the kasbah’s in Africa and looks like a fortress on the cliffs of Calpe. The red shades on the outside of the building make it stand out on the seaside landscape. The purple and blue hues blend with the sky and during sunset it looks absolutely incredible!

Hopefully those pictures convinced you to visit La Muralla Roja and city of Calpe whenever it is safe to do so. The town is a cute beach town with chill vibes. I honestly wished we could’ve stayed longer and just relaxed a bit. The weather was great and the sunsets – fireeeee!!

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