How to get to: Fiordo di Furore

Fresh back from my trip to Positano, and I was so excited to be able to visit a place that has been high on my list for awhile – the Fiordo di Furore. Thinking it would be an easy peasy location to get to, I did no research beforehand. But after browsing around the day before the planned visit, I realised that getting there may not be the easiest. Although I should have known because transportation around Positano is already a painful experience.

Fiordo di Furore

The “Easiest” Way – Scooter

Now before all you motorcycle/ scooter people start saying this – yes the easiest way would be to rent a scooter for the day and go directly there. You can go as early as you want unrestricted by public transportation. We decided against this because, *cue flashbacks to our Bali accident*. So I would say that this method of transportation is only recommended if you are very comfortable on a scooter with winding roads. And please go slowly as you are sharing the roads with the big buses. But if you are not comfortable, then here’s a list of why you SHOULDN’T risk it with the scooter.

  • No Parking at the Fiordo di Furore, however you can potentially park at the hotel restaurant down the road (3-5 min walk). It is a small lot and I don’t guarantee they allow non-guest parking.
Fiordo di Furore
  • There are security cameras by the entrance of the Fiordo (not sure if they function or not) and signs that say No Parking.
  • If a large car or bus drives by, your scooter may get smashed/ swiped.

Soooo yea! In short – the “easiest” way is also a hassle because of the lack of parking availability.

The Hardest Way – Car

I definitely don’t recommend going by a car for all the reasons listed above. The biggest being – PARKING. So all the issues with traveling by scooter, except that you don’t even have the option to squeeze and park illegally on the side. If you need any more convincing – take a peep at the narrow road here:

Fiordo di Furore

What We Did

I won’t bore you with the details of how we got there, but it involved relying on a couple of friendly locals and walking. Like I said – I was determined to get there and we did eventually!

couple Fiordo di Furore

The Best Way IMO

Whether you’re coming from Amalfi town or Positano – your best bet would be to take public transportation. (Even though they are notoriously not on time). You will be taking the SITA buses and PLEASE NOTE!!! BUY YOUR TICKETS TO THERE AND BACK, AHEAD OF TIME. YOU CANNOT BUY TICKETS ON THE BUS!!! (2 Euros pp each way)

And to get back, just climb back up to the road and wait at the SITA bus stop right by the Fiordo di Furore. If you’re going back to Amalfi, wait for the bus opposite the side of the stairs down to the Fiordo, and to Positano wait on the same side of the stairs. The signs look like this:

image from terredipinte site

Things to note – due to COVID, if the bus is full they will not stop to let on more passengers. In the early mornings, buses run approximately every hour. And in the afternoons about every half an hour – supposedly. As the Furore stop is a middle stop for the line, it is likely the bus will be full later in the afternoon.

That being said, the Fiordo di Furore is a magnificent sight to see and to me it was worth the hassle. And I feel lucky that they reopened it after being under construction for awhile. Hope this post helps anyone else who has be dreaming to visit like I was!

Safe travels!

Fiordo di Furore


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