Wedding details: Things to consider

When planning your wedding it’s easier to see the big picture. The colors, the vibe, and the florals. However, it’s hard to think of the small wedding details that will make the difference, and which are okay to let go. I know because I had such a hard time thinking about what could make the wedding more of a night to remember for everyone attending.

For the wedding prep

If you are the type of bride that is OCD about how the photos will turn out, then I definitely recommend getting makeup and hair done for everyone. I personally didn’t mind either way and I loved how all the girls turned out. However, for the guys suit rentals – one of the GM brought up a good point about different shoes and socks. I knew that it would bother me if the tones were off, so I requested that they get the rental shoes. That way we knew it would all turn out the same.

Bridesmaid and Groomsmen gifts

Unfortunately I don’t have photos of the bags I got the girls, but I went to Ubud market and got them straw bags and inside I included these satin PJs and some dainty 14k gold jewelry from ShopEvren.

PJ sets from The Knot Shop

And for the guys we went with adidas Ultraboosts because, who doesn’t like shoes!! We also provided the matching bow ties and socks. Because back to my first point, if you’re OCD about matching colors etc.

wedding details groomsmen gift
Custom bags on etsy
wedding details groomsmen gift
Ceremony details

Tip for the brides: If you plan on having flower petals in the aisle before you walk down, tie a ribbon between the last two chairs so the guests know not to trample on them before the ceremony starts!

wedding details

And instead of having a photobooth, I decided to have a neon arch with our hashtag and have it be available at both the ceremony and reception. And I wanted to have it to hang in our apartment in Amsterdam (but it broke in transit 😢). It turned out beautifully and our guests loved it! AND it helps people to remember tag the wedding photos correctly as a bonus hehe.

Reception wedding details

I was the happiest to see our wedding reception decor come alive! From just pinning a bunch of random things I liked together, to having it happen in real life was just so WOW. Thank you @sweetbellaproject for helping my board come to life.

Our check in table had a specially made for polaroid guest book. You can find it on Etsy here. I wanted the guests to be able to snap a pic and put it into a little pocket, and not waste time to tape their photos down. And because I passed on the photobooth, I definitely wanted to make sure we had everyone take a photo! In addition to the polaroids, I also brought old school disposable cameras to be put at each table. I liked this idea better than the photobooth because we got a cool variation of photos vs. the same backdrop over and over. To be fair, we got a few shots of just darkness – but the rest turned out awesome. And I think everyone had a lot of fun with them. Some maybe a little TOO much fun.

For the table settings I decided to save paper and have one printed menu per table. Because let’s be real, it’s read once and then used as a napkin or placemat.

And last but not least, the food. I originally wanted family style because I liked that the guests wouldn’t have to walk around. But with the large center pieces I wanted – it was pretty much impossible. So we went with buffet style, which turned out great since they would have to get up for open bar anyways!

August 31, 2019 will be a night remember forever! Round 2 for our 10 year anniversary? lol just kidding!! For my fellow brides – enjoy it because there is no other night like it!! <3

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