Berlin: Top 5 Places to See

Heyaaaa! I’m back with another blog post! This time with a blog post on what I did over a weekend in Berlin. It was my second time visiting Germany in a month (German Road trip post here). And I’m sure I will be going there often during my time living in the Netherlands. Honestly I think if you want to do Berlin right – without rushing, you should plan for 3 full days.

Touchdown Berlin

Five Sights to See

Brandenburg Gate

Probably the most popular sight in Berlin, the Brandenburg Gate is super central to all the other places to see in the city. Apparently, people would climb a viewing platform to get a look at life behind the Iron Curtain.

berlin brandenburg gate

Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe

The memorial is located a short distance from Brandenburg Gate and when we arrived it was filled with people walking between the columns and sitting on top of them. I’m curious how you feel about the proper way to “act” around this memorial? Some feel that its disrespectful to walk and hop on top of the columns whereas others do not.

Berlin Memorial
Berlin Memorial

Victory Column

After walking through the Brandenburg Gate, if you keep following the road – you’ll eventually see the a golden figure in the air. That’s the Victory Column. Check out the museum at the base of the column (I believe it’s about 3 Euros) and also climb to the viewing platform. Bonus! If you want a workout climb the stairs alllll the way to the top for amazing views of the whole city.

Berlin Victory Column View
Berlin Victory Column

East Side Gallery

The East Side Gallery is a walk along the remnants of the Berlin Wall. And where various graffiti artists have painted sections of the wall. It’s pretty cool to see and the messages behind them.

Berliner Dom

The Berlin Cathedral is open to the public and you will have to pay an entrance fee. We didn’t pay but the outside was gorgeous! And with warmer weather it would be a great place to chill and relax.

Berlin Cathedral

Where to Eat in Berlin!

Coming from Amsterdam where eating out is a bit on the pricier side. Kevin and I were SO STOKED to discover that food is super affordable in Berlin. AND ALSO that there are so many options for Asian food! Win Win Win!


Check out Umami for a super cool vibes restaurant. It’s actually a Vietnamese fusion restaurant so I’m not clear on why its called Umami which is Japanese. BUT WHATEVER! The food was so bomb we went twice.


If you’re from the States. The best way to describe a Burgermeister burger is that it’s like a combination of In n Out and Shack Shake. But more like Shake Shack.

% Arabica

Among the top coffee shops I’ve ever been to. They have locations all over Europe and Asia – and every time they’re alway so hidden! In Berlin we had to walk through a graffiti-ed corridor to find the entrance. This one was super spacious and they also served food!

Berliner Republik

Come here for some classic German fare and also beers on beers on tap. And the special part about this restaurant is that they have a beer stock market. If demand for a certain beer is high, the prices go up. And you can see it all on the TV screens.

Berlin Republik food
And that’s a wrap!

Hope you guys find this post helpful in planning your next trip to Berlin!

<3 Raychow

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