German Road Trip: Weekend getaway from Frankfurt

Hi lovelies! It’s been awhile since I’ve posted some travel content and I am excited to share with you all my first adventure out of Amsterdam! This German road trip was super spontaneous and unexpected but was so much fun. My friend Tammy (who I met only four weeks ago through Kevin) hit me up and told me she had a free weekend on her whirlwind Eurotrip. So of course I jumped on the opportunity to make a new friend and explore a new country! We decided to fly into Frankfurt, Germany and rent a car to drive to Luxembourg and back. Why, you ask? Well honestly, I looked on a map to see what was around and I saw this little country next to Germany and said yep! let’s do that lol. One of my goals for my time in Amsterdam is to explore places I would not purposely visit if I were on a trip from the States.

German Road Trip: Driving, what you need to know


  • If there’s anywhere to rent a BMW, here’s the place and also probably the cheapest. (11 euros extra per day for us)
  • All you need (if you’re from the States) is your valid Drivers license from home and passport.
  • Be sure to request automatic transmission if you don’t know how to drive manual


  • The left most lane on the freeways is for passing (or just extremely fast drivers)
  • People rarely honk, if you’re a heavy honker at home I would take it easy in Germany as it may be considered rude.
  • Speed limits don’t really apply. People passing me were definitely going 100+ mph or 160km/h

Germany to Luxembourg: Stops to make

Geierlay Suspension Bridge

The first stop on our German road trip was this beautiful suspension bridge is only 1.5 hours, or less if you drive fast 😉 away from Frankfurt. We got there around 10 or 11am and there were already people lounging about. So if you want an empty shot, you probably want to get here by 8 or 9AM and the bridge is open 24/7! To get to the bridge you’ll have to park about 1km away at the lot (2€/ hr) and walk.

Berg Eltz

On your way to Luxembourg, 50 minutes away from Geierlay, you’ll pass by a gorgeous hidden gem — Berg Eltz. Honestly this place wasn’t on our list, but we saw the sign as we drove by and we popped a U-turn and had the best detour ever! The parking lot is free and you also have to walk to the castle, which is further in and around the mountain.

PS. If you want to know how we took this photo check out my photo taking guide here

Vianden Castle

Our first stop in Luxembourg was a city just on the border of Germany and Frankfurt and it’s a super cute little town with another castle! We ended up staying the night here a super cute spa hotel with a bar and restaurant. The bartenders are super nice and like creating drinks not on the menu. And on the morning of Day 2, we went to Vianden Castle and ate breakfast at the cafe inside. Pro tip: bring your student ID if you have one to get a discount on entrance ticket.

Mudam Museum

If you go to Luxembourg City you have to go to MUDAM Museum. It’s their modern art museum and the space itself is gorgeous! Again bring your student ID for free entry. And if you need a caffeine fix, get a seat at their cafe for some coffee and enjoy the gorgeous architecture.

Ascenseur du Pfaffenthal

On Day 3 of our road trip we woke up and went to this view point, which turns out is just the top of an elevator lolol. But the view is great and gives you a cool view of the city. Another cool thing we saw here is that they have free electric self driving shuttle buses! Granted they go super slowly but its a slow town so it works haha.

Back to Frankfurt, Germany

After the viewpoint we headed back to Frankfurt and explored the city. You’ll definitely want to walk around Römerberg Square, that whole surrounding area is shopping central. When you get tired, take a break at Römer-bembel. Sip on some German beer (the Frankfurt specialty is Apple wine!) and eat some sausages. Then take a walk and see the Eschenheimer Turm, its interesting to see such a historical building in the center of a modern city. Other stops that we didn’t have time to check out include the Stadel Museum and Palmengarten.


Hope this has inspired you to visit places that might not be “hot” destinations to visit, because its definitely a whole different kind of adventure when you don’t know what to expect!

Thanks for reading! 🙂

<3 Raychow

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