Couple Photo Taking Guide: How-to and Gear!

Hello traveling lovebirds, or maybe just friends! I debated a while on whether or not to do this post. But ever since our Joshua Tree trip, the majority of you guys are curious as to how Kevin and I get our couple photos when we travel. And the answer is – we hire a photographer when we travel and the poor guy just follows us around all day.

JUST KIDDING! Although occasionally we meet a kind stranger with a good eye. The reality is that I have gear that I bring with me when we travel to be able to capture our photos the way I want them. I’ll post the gear I used when I first started out since not everyone will have a mirrorless or DSLR like I do.


I currently shoot with the Sony A7rii with the 24-70mm lens

HOWEVER! When I first started off I just had my handy dandy iPhone!

And now the secret!

I have this bendy tripod, which allows you to attach your phone to basically anything I can wrap it around. Or just set it up like a usual tripod on a flat surface.

And my secret to optimizing time is the REMOTE! It saves me time from running back and forth from the camera with self timer! If you want to level up later and buy a camera to do nightscape, you’ll need a remote as well so you don’t shake the camera when you click the shutter.

If you REALLY want to up your iPhone taking game, you can get this tripod instead. It will give you better angles than having to find something to attach the tripod to. It’s super lightweight so I wouldn’t trust it to hold a heavy camera up.

If you choose to get the tripod above you will need this iPhone mount that will let you take your photos vertically. Other benefits? It comes with a remote!

So now you know the secret to our couple photos, and honestly a lot of my solo shots as well. Sometimes if Kevin needs a break I’ll whip out this set up and I can take my own sweet time. 🙂 Hope you guys have found this helpful and I look forward to seeing some awesome shots!


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