Bride Squad Proposal Boxes

When I first started shopping around for items to put in my bridesmaid proposal boxes I was stumped and didn’t know what to get at all. So as a starting point – I used travel and Bali as my theme. And as a general rule of thumb I like to always make sure I’m gifting something I would love receiving myself. And bonus points if it’s something useful!

my gorgeous squad!

What I included in my Bridesmaid Proposal Boxes

What is the biggest part of these goodies? The box of course! I found these glass boxes on the knot wedding shop that were PERFECT! I chose not to get them personalized because I like things low key. They would work great as jewelry boxes or displays once they took the boxes home.

You can get them at The Knot Shop here.
If you like a more natural look you can find some wood boxes here.

Next, the goodies that go inside!

Going with the theme of travel since my wedding will be a destination wedding to Bali. I decided on a color scheme of gold and green (like Bali!).

  1. Personalized luggage tags

Since I didn’t include personalization on the box itself, I wanted to include a small part that was custom because that’s a MUST for bridesmaid boxes right? I ordered custom initial luggage tags from Etsy.

These tags were the perfect combination of my theme and colors. And you can find many more options online as well.


2. Travel size skin care

Since travel always dries out my skin, I also included a travel size moisturizing skin care kit in the boxes. HOWEVER! Skin care is very hard to gift for a group of people since every one has different skin types. So in case any of my squad didn’t like the Biossance Travel Kits I kept the receipts as well.

Biossance – Love to Travel Kit

3. Jo Malone Mini candle

For the last item to include in the box, I was searching all over Pinterest and a friend actually helped me decide this last item. I purchased this Jo Malone candle set and put one in each box.

The finishing touches…

  1. Mini Succulents as Placecards

In lieu of placecards, I decided to have a mini succulent with a tag at the restaurant when the girls arrived. I found these cute mini ceramic pots (make sure they have drain holes) WITH drain trays that were perfect!

2. The cards

I knew I wanted the card to say “_____ will you be my ______?” and when it opened “Meet me in Bali!” But as much as I looked, I couldn’t find a custom card option that wouldn’t cost me $$$. Then I thought to myself, “UH – you’re a graphic designer shouldn’t you be able to figure something out?” And luckily I have an amazing friend who started a lettering community who could help me out. Check out her page for workshops!

I found a graphic online and edited it to the shape, color and style I wanted in Illustrator. Then my good friend Jess @caffeinatedletters helped me create a .png file of all my girls’ names in lettering. I then combined the graphic with the lettering. And formatted the page so when I printed them out on an 8.5″ x 11″ paper, I could cut it down to a 5″ x 7″. (sample formatting below)

I know it sounds complicated, and it is a bit time consuming but printing them at Kinkos, the cards only came out to ~$5 each. And they also have a professional paper cutting machine to make sure your cuts are straight. DO NOT attempt with scissors.

3. The little details

The crinkle paper stuffing from Michaels

To top it all off – I tied the glass box with twine I had lying around from previous projects which you can also find at Michaels.

Be sure to check for daily coupons here.

Lastly, find a cute aesthetically-pleasing place to invite them to Brunch (preferably somewhere with champagne obvi) and set a date!

Hope you all found this post helpful. It was so much fun (but also stressful) to plan and create this. But in the end it was all worth it to have my best girls by my side the day I start the next chapter of my life.

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