Tips & Tools to Bring Into 2019!

2018 is over everyone! But super excited to dive in to 2019 and the adventures that lie ahead. This year I realized that the older I get, the more I want to live an inspired life. And this year I learned that inspiration comes from going through hardship and challenges. In my birthday post this year I mentioned that 2018 started off pretty rough. But as the year went on, I discovered more about myself. I am proud to look back at 2018 say honestly that I wouldn’t do anything differently. It was truly a year of living by faith, and not by sight.

Looking forward…

Every year end I tell myself that in the upcoming year I will improve more, work harder and always push boundaries for fear of becoming stagnant. But moving forward into 2019 I want to be mindful of myself and remember that good always comes with some bad. Mental health is often brushed under the table and this year I realized it’s important to always keep in touch with how I’m doing emotionally and mentally. To appreciate each moment as they come and remember to breathe through it all.

Resolutions for 2019

  1. To be mindful of my emotions and not be afraid to put myself first.
  2. To be brave enough to fight to keep the good people in your life, and to recognize and get rid of the bad.
  3. Pick up more healthy habits.
  4. Check off bucket list items. (like swimming with sharks and pigs this year!)
  5. Try to be the best wife ever!! (haha TRY being the key word)

Tools to take into 2019!

  • Passion Planner – I’ve been using a Passion Planner for the past two years since Kevin got me one as a gift, and it has become something I purchase for myself annually. Almost every Sunday evening/ Monday morning I sit down, write my goals and to-do’s for the week – and I cannot tell you what a difference it has made on my mental well-being. It has taken away a lot of that “I know I’m forgetting SOMETHING…” feeling. Check out some cool journaling ideas from their below! (And click here or on photos for 10% off your first order!)
2019 passion planner
  •  Fitness membership – Our health is a gift we all take for granted! And this year I really believe my mindset changed. Early 2018 I picked up a habit of waking up by 6am to go to the gym BEFORE work. I have never been a happy early riser but for some reason in 2018 I would usually be at the gym or yoga by 7am. On weekends, Kevin and I picked up a Barry’s Bootcamp habit. We like it because we are forced to run which we hate hehe. Some memberships I subscribe to are Classpass (click for first month free!), Barry’s Bootcamp (they just opened a studio in Palo Alto!) and of course 24 hour fitness. And while you’re at it get yourself some cute workout clothes too if you need some motivation. (10% off at AloYoga here)
  • Cookingware – Another habit that Kevin and I picked up this year was to cook if we could (if we were home often enough between traveling). Get yourself a Costco membership and set a date to shop together and plan meals for the week! It’s a fun thing to do together on the weekend, saves money in the long run and is healthier (if you choose to make healthy food). I also LOVE my Nespresso Milk Frother, I’ve been making my matcha latte’s at home and they are delicious!! Here are some super useful items for the kitchen:

There you have it! 🙂 Hope to continue to “see” you all still here reading Raychowblogs in 2019. I have a feeling it will be the most exciting yet!

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