Copenhagen Guide: A day in Denmark

Hey guys! Kicked off my Eurotrip this year with a 24 hour stop in Copenhagen, often called the happiest city in the world. If you only have limited time like me here’s how to tackle the city in a day.

Getting around Copenhagen

We landed at the airport and took a taxi to our hostel. The taxi was actually pretty pricey ~323DKK ($50) but didn’t want to use an hour via public transportation. If you do take a taxi download their taxi app and your first booking gets about $5 off! Our hostel, Steel House Copenhagen was exactly what we needed, a place to shower and sleep for a night. The vibe was super cool and there were young travelers as well as families. They have bikes you can rent and activities every night!

The hotel we stayed at was pretty close to all the places we wanted to see so walking was convenient. However if you want to go a bit further, their bus system is clean and easy! Google maps is great at telling you the schedule and a bus ticket is valid for about an hour and a half.

Copenhagen Foods

The popular food to eat in Copenhagen is a Danish dish called smörrebröd. It is usually served on a dark rye bread with a variety of toppings heaped on top. They’re all served cold and usually have some sort of seafood as well. Honestly by the end of my visit here I had my fill and wanted to drink some warm soup haha. But – it was still good to try!

Some places to get smorrebrod is the food market hall Torvehallerne which has a variety food stalls or a sit down option at Aamanns Etablissement.

copenhagen smorrebrod


Activities in Copenhagen
  • Work off the smorrebrod by taking a walk up the Rundetaarn (Round Tower) and checking out the amazing views on the way up and from the top.

  • Walk by the Christiansborg Palace on your way to the Nyhavn canals where you can find a seat by the water and enjoy looking at the famous colorful houses by the canals!

  • Visit the Tivoli Gardens a small amusement park in the middle of the city!

  • Check out the cool architecture at Grundvigs Church!

Hope you all found my quick trip tips to be helpful! Copenhagen was the first stop in my Eurotrip so I will be posting more from my travels soon 🙂

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