California Coast: Glamping in Mendocino

As someone who loves adventure and travel, I feel so blessed to live in California – a state where a new experience is never too far away. That’s why I was so excited to find this glamping location and even more excited to be able to experience it with my best friend and her boyfriend. As young girls in high school we always talked about when we got older we would road trip with our boyfriends and all be BFFs! lolol. #DREAMCOMETRUE in more ways than one. (but that will be a separate post)

Glamping: The Campsite

First off, they’re dog friendly! So you can bring your furry best friend along which was a HUGE plus for us. Traveling so much, I often have to leave Leo at home with my parents or friends and I always miss him so much. So for $20/ night you can bring your doggie along for the adventure! WORTH!!

Secondly, each campsite has its own picnic table and fire pit WITH a grill attached. Perfect for a night with friends, food, and Catan. We took a walk by the beach and found a HUGE area just full of mussels and literally scavenged our own dinner. Although in hindsight we googled if it was safe to eat and apparently there are specific times in the year when you should NOT eat wild mussels because they may be infected with something. LUCKILY we are all safe and none of us had any stomach issues.

To wrap it up, each campsite is slightly different but still an amazing place to chill with friends and doggie friends. Other awesome features include the electric heated mattress topper which really came in clutch because it was actually super cold at night since the camps are right by the coast.

Activities near by:


  • Big River Beach and Trail
  • Point Cabrillo Light House
  • Fern Canyon Trail
  • more here


I highly recommend cooking by the fire but if that’s not for you there are plenty of delicious seafood options near by

  • Sea Pal Cove (best tartar sauce and lots of beer)
  • Wild Fish
  • Albion River Inn
What to pack:
  • Cooler (if you don’t want to pack it you can rent from the site)
  • Food ^ again if you don’t want to pack it there’s a Safeway close by that you can purchase from
  • Hiking clothes and shoes
  • Shower slippers
  • Head lamps (optional as they provide a super bright lamp)
  • Warm clothing

And that about wraps it up!

I’ll always remember this weekend for the rest of my life, but more to come on that 🙂

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