Shopping Guide: Get Summer Travel Ready

It’s been awhile since I’ve done a shopping guide since I haven’t really shopped myself. But with the weather getting warmer, I’ve been going a liiiiittle (a lot) crazy with the credit card. oopsies! There are so many cute dresses this season that also look comfy AF, and you guys know – comfort over everything for me. So I wanted to share a few of the MANY things I’ve purchased to wear this summer!

Summer Shoes: Sandals and Wedges

Let’s start with shoes. Shoes have always been hard for me because I’m pretty tall already and a lot of the cute sandals are always 4″ tall that make me tower over everyone else. HOWEVER, now that I’m dating someone tall I can buy all the cute shoes now. yay!
Check out a few of the ones I’ve purchase here:

I also put a preorder in for these Soludos Palma wedges because – look how pretty they are!

summer soludos

Summer Dresses to Twirl Around The World In

I have been on the hunt for a long time for the perfect mustard color dress that’s affordable, comfy and cute. If you’ve been following me you’ll know I’ve been obsessed with mustard/ yellow since the fall. It confuses Kevin because he doesn’t get why I like clothes that blend in with my skin. I LIKE THE COLOR OF MY SKIN OKAY? haha. But in all seriousness I think I have a problem so I wanted to share with you the dresses I bought and did not buy but wish I did.

Some other brands that I really like for travel and/ or by travel bloggers:
Fortunate One
fortunate one summer fortunate one summer dress
Lovely Pepa’s Collection
 Cute right? So many to choose from! Can you guys tell what summer destinations I’m shopping for? hehehe.

I’m the worst at this and usually like to keep things simple and not really accessorize but that’s starting to change. Check out some simple and cheap items you can buy to step up your fashion game!

Okay I think that’s enough for now! Hopefully you guys find this helpful and I’ll see you guys rocking these all summer long 🙂

Happy Shopping!


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