Q1 Checkup: Fitness Goals and Classpass Review

Rough Start to 2018

I started off 2018 by being probably the sickest I’ve ever been in a long time – I wasn’t able to leave the house for a week! And after that, just getting ramped back up while dealing with some huge changes in my personal life had me feeling very overwhelmed and out of control. Surprisingly this made me focus more on taking care of the things that I could actually do something about. I decided to focus my time on the blog, my career, and my health. If you remember last year in January I went to Whistler, Canada, fell off a T-bar lift rolled tumbled down the side of a cliff, and sprained my back. After a year of taking it easy and lots of yoga I am finally feeling strong enough to get back to my fitness goals by lifting and working out fully! Woot!

top: Nike Indy sports bra (my fave and I have them in a bunch of colors)
bottoms: Outdoor voices two-tone leggings discount here

Fitness Apps and Plans I use:

I’ve been getting a lot of questions on what my routine is and what fitness regimen I follow and to be honest, I don’t follow any specific plan. (Sorry I know that doesn’t help) I get bored really easy and can’t keep repeating the same workouts week after week so I switch it up between these plans and apps: **I am not a fitness trainer by any means this is just me sharing what works for me and everyone is different**

  • Classpass (click for free first month!)
  • Samyama Yoga Studio membership
  • 24 Hour membership
  • Kayla’s BBG
  • Nike Training Club App

I know it seems like a lot but these various apps and plans help me to keep things fresh and from plateau-ing because your muscles need to switch it up too if you want to keep hitting those fitness goals! Also, you can definitely skip out on the extra yoga and gym membership options with Classpass since they have participating yoga studios and sessions where you can sign up for free gym time at participating gyms! I just really love this yoga studio in my area and also have 24 hour membership from Costco. If you’re confused on how to incorporate all these different activities here’s a sample of a typical week at the gym for me:

This varies from week to week and I give myself extra rest days if I feel my back getting tensed up again. I have weeks where I’m like heck yes lets get it, and other weeks where I’m like “meh” and I give myself that rest day. Or I have days where I’m really craving ice cream, and I eat that ice cream and in exchange I use that to get my butt to the gym on the days I feel lazy.

Classpass review:

I started using Classpass last year and really started taking advantage of it recently. One, because they’ve added so many different gyms and two because I can actually do something besides yoga.

What I like about CP:

  • variety
  • easy to workout with friends
  • a good way to test out gyms before getting a membership

Con’s about CP:

  • it’s a bit on the pricier side now, ~$40/ month (they have 3 pricing plans)
  • the new credits system is funky and not as straightforward

Class I love!

  • Corestudio Palo Alto
  • Barry’s Bootcamp
  • KickBoxFit @ Impact! Boxing
  • Barre classes (Barre3 and Pure barre)
  • Lunchtime Yoga Flow @ Wheelhouse in SF

If you want to try out Classpass use my code here for $40 off your first month! Aka one free month 🙂

Currently I am in my 4th month of working out consistently (4-6 times a week) and I am loving it. It feels good to get back to something that I really enjoy and really makes me appreciate my body more. And as much as I love pushing my limits – I’ve learned to also listen to my body and take that extra rest day to recover. I look forward this year to my first backpacking trip and getting back to lifting heavy. If you DO end up getting the fitness apps, add me as a friend or let’s workout together! 🙂

 April Update!

If I look back at everything that has happened this past year I am so happy with the progress I’ve been making. If you remember my blog post about my struggles from last year of feeling like I wasn’t the most productive that I could be – this year has already been drastically different! Over the past three months, I have taken 10 flights and visited LA twice, started part time design classes on top of working full time, and achieved a major milestone on the blog! Even though I’ll be traveling less because of my classes I’m looking forward to Q2 of 2018! Thank you guys for all your support and all the encouraging messages in response to my post. YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST!! <3

As always, I hope will inspire you guys to get out there and do something that makes you feel amazing!



top: Outdoor Voices discount here
bottoms: Lululemon align
shoes: Adidas tubulars

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