Galentines Day: Because She Appreciates the Little Things

This February forget Valentines – do Galentine’s Day

Why you ask? Well because lets be real here, your boyfriend isn’t going to REALLY appreciate that new dress or your New Year booty you’ve been working on since January. Only your girlfriend will recognize and we all need a good hype woman in our corner! This Valentines, instead of flooding you all with more couple-y photos of Kevin and I – I asked this beauty┬áValerie to be my Galentine. It was so fun to do this shoot with her and I love collaborating with other creatives. Whether or not you have a man in your life, you can always use a day or night out with your girlfriend. So here goes – two looks and some Galentine’s Day date ideas for you and your girl friends.

Sugar or Spice? She’s everything nice.

Because it’s Galentine’s then there’s even MORE reason to get dressed up in pink and red hues to go around town and eat things as sweet as you. For our Galentine’s Date Valerie and I spent the day wandering around Hayes Valley in San Francisco eating our weight in froyo and sweets. We also stopped by the cutest candy store called Miette and oooh and aah-ed over all the cute hearts and debating whether or not to send *hints* to our boyfriends. We didn’t of course.

On me:
Tobi floral romper
Goodnight Macaroon thigh high boots

On Valerie:
Tobi Wrap Dress (Sold Out, link to alternative)

Girl Boss

Find you a girlfriend that can rock a pantsuit better than your boyfriend. Yes, like me. But seriously, I’ve purchased more than a few pantsuits over the past few years and this is definitely my favorite! It hugs in all the right places and keeps you looking feminine and like a boss at the same time.

On me:
Lulu’s Jumpsuit

On Val:
Tobi Embroidered Dress

10 Galentine’s Date Ideas:
  1. Get tipsy together at a wine/ champagne bar. A good option in SF is the Riddler or the Dorian.
  2. Glamping or real camping
  3. Spa Date: From getting your nails done to a whole body massage you really can’t go wrong there. Check your local Travelzoo for a bunch of deals in your area!
  4. Movie night: You can binge watch movie after movie in PJs at home or go to the theater. I’ve always wanted to try setting up an outdoor theater night for me and my girlfriends. And if you like going to the theaters -if you don’t have it yet, try getting movie pass it’s pretty worth it!
  5. Wine tour: If just going to wine/ champagne bar isn’t enough. Book a wine tour for a full day of wine-ding down.
  6. Volunteer at a pet shelter: If you and your bestie love animals in general, you can volunteer at a animal shelter and spend an afternoon with furry friends!
  7. Karaoke: If you can’t sing or scream at the top of your lungs in front of you girlfriends then who can you do it with?
  8. Workout: If you’re like me, I hate working out with Kevin – but I love working out with my girlfriends. Sign up for a fun workout class and then maybe follow up with wine night? Because life is all about balance right?
  9. Road trip: Why stop at a Galentine’s DAY? Make it a whole weekend!
  10. Cook together: And if you’re like me and my BFF – it will get competitive. Turn it into a potluck cooking competition!

Alright there you have it 10 things I love to do with my girl friends. And FINE, if you want to do these things with your boyfriend that’s also a possibility. I’ve noticed a lot of times girls tend to neglect their girlfriends a little bit once they get into a relationship. Thankful for all my girl friends that are there for me whether I’m in need or not. You guys are the real ones.

Happy Galentine’s to all my ladies out there! Whether you spend it with a boothang or not it doesn’t matter as long as you spend it with someone that has your back.


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