Adventures Taken in 2017

In 2017 I was lucky to have had an adventure almost every month of the year

So here are some snippets of the wonderful memories I made this year that I would love to share with you all 🙂 Looking back I can’t believe I was lucky to have traveled this much in 2017. Hope you guys enjoy these more spontaneous, raw and less planned(ish) photos. Let me know if you have been to any of these places or have any questions!

January: Vancouver/ Whister

We spent the long weekend in Vancouver and it was chilly but amazing, even though I fell off a lift. It was still a great way to start off the New Year. We hit up the Capilano Suspension Bridge Park right when we landed and it still felt very holiday-y. Tip: if you have student ID they have a discounted price.

Then we took a shuttle up to Whistler where we stayed at the Four Seasons. I HIGHLY recommend this hotel. They have a free car service within Whistler town, lots of free amenities, and large comfy rooms with a fireplace.

February: Road trip through Nevada/ Arizona

For Valentines Day weekend Kevin and I decided to do a road trip from Vegas to the Grand Canyon and then Page, Arizona. It was a pretty ambitious itinerary and we had to change some plans along the way but honestly it was fun to just spend time with each other and it felt like a real adventure.

Tip: If you have time – stop by the Valley of Fire. The entry fee is only $10 and its only about an hour away from Vegas!

March: Spontaneous trip to Austin!

When I say spontaneous, I mean – I literally booked my flight 3 days before going. Kevin was lucky to be sent to Austin for work during SXSW and of course I wanted to tag along! We were able to hit up a bunch of free shows. WE MET MANILA KILLA! I’m also pretty sure I ate at Torchy’s Tacos three times.

Tip: Bike around Ladybird Lake during sunset and the views will amaze you!


My third and most likely last year to attend Coachella (although I always say that). It holds a special place for Kevin and I because it was during Coachella 2016 that we reconnected after 3 years. We went with an super fun crew and had a blast.

Tip: If you rent a house, reserve it early and get one with a pool. IT IS HOT!

May: Lots of little trips

So in May, we ended up making a lot of road trips/ quick flights just to get away. We hit up – LA, Pismo Beach (twice), Santa Rosa, and Vegas (again).

If you’re in LA, go to Tilt Coffee Bar and get their Cloud Lattes.
Santa Rosa, book an airbnb literally ON a vineyard.
Pismo Beach go to Splash Cafe for casual eats.

June: NOO YAWK & San Diego

June was definitely a highlight for me in 2017. I attended a conference in New York, reconnected with a childhood friend, and Kevin joined me for the weekend. I was able to try so many different foods and coffee shops – I left with my heart and tummy v v full.

Tips/ Places to try:
– Very Fresh Noodle in Chelsea Market
– Nickel & Diner, Toby’s Estate, and La Colombe Coffee
– The Spaniard for brunch

June 27th is also Kevin and I’s anniversary and for our 1 year we went to sunny San Diego. SD is special to him because he was able to live there for 6 months during a rotation for work and he wanted to show me all the places he would hit up. I was also able to meet up with my good college friend Erica! Overall June was an amazing month.

Tips/ Places to go:
– Communal Coffee
– Holy Matcha
– Shout! House dueling piano bar
– Craft & Commerce gastropub

July: Utah Road Trip (Escalante/ Zion/ Salt Flats)

In July I took a road trip with two girl friends and we hit the road and drove all through the night to get to Utah by 5AM. Road trips are always an adventure and even better with the best company. Another jam packed itinerary but worth every sleep deprived second.

Pack an ice cooler to keep your water and other foods cold
– Stop at Bonneville Salt Flats its worth it!
– Get to Zion early and do Angel’s Landing first because later it gets packed and harder to get down the one lane chain

August: Chi-city!

Kevin’s birthday is in August so I surprised him with a trip to Chicago and Lollapalooza tickets! We went to eat at a Michelin starred restaurant called Roister. It’s a more laid back Michelin restaurant and got to eat at the counter in the open kitchen. Conveniently it’s right next to the Aviary which is a fancy bar with drinks that are like chemistry experiments. We hit up the obvious spots also – Sky Deck, Cloud Gate, and we also caught the Murakami exhibit at the museum!

Other tips and tricks:
– go early to SkyDeck, right when they open is the best time
Au Cheval doesn’t take reservations so go in the midday when less people are eating
The Allis Chicago Soho House lounge
– 3 Arts Club Cafe at Restoration Hardware

September: New York again!

In September I went to New York for work again and this time my friend Lauren joined me to adventure around. Look how cute she is!

October: Bal-YEE!

At the tail end of October I started out on a weeks adventure in Bali, Indonesia. I wrote a travel guide here and here. It was an pretty awesome seven days. And can you believe I still have some photos I haven’t shared yet?

November: Thailand

After 7 days in Bali we headed over to Thailand and hit up the cities of ChiangMai, Phuket, and Bangkok. We really enjoyed ChiangMai especially their night market foods. Cheap and delicious! In Phuket we went to the islands of Phi Phi and it was definitely a sight I’ll never forget. Bangkok was a busy city and definitely the most crowded.

– Check out the NeverLand Husky Cafe while in Bangkok
– In ChiangMai they had some of the best food
– Make the trip to Phi Phi you won’t regret it

 December: Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Closed out 2017 with a surprise trip to Mexico for my birthday this year! Somehow he managed to keep the location a surprise until a week before because I insisted on knowing what to pack. My only tip here is – stay at an all-inclusive resort. It’s worth it!

That wraps up my 2017! Hope you guys enjoyed my recap of all the major adventures I took this year with a handful of other small ones along the way. The past 12 months passed by quickly and it still hasn’t hit me that 2018 is less than a day away! I am excited to start the year right and as fun as 2017 was I look forward to the memories to be made in 2018.

Wishing you all a wonderful NYE and an amazing next 12 months! <3

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