Party Wear: ‘Tis the Season to Dress Jolly

Holiday wear doesn’t have to mean sequins, here’s an alternative – VELVET!

2017 has seriously just flown by. It’s that time of year again – Christmas holiday parties and New Years! Holiday wear is sometimes seriously such a stressful thing to shop for. Can I be real for a second and just say that I have a really hard time rocking a sequin dress. If you’re like me and just haven’t found the right sequin dress yet – let me turn your attention to velvet!

Velvet dresses are first of all, super comfy but also just channel all the holiday feels. This year there’s so many holiday wear dresses in all the colors I love – burgundy, forest green, and a new color I’ve been obsessed with mustard yellow! Check out some options below for dresses within all budget price ranges.

But then again, when can you be extra with lots of sparkles if it’s not during the holidays???

So if YOU DO like sparkle and sequins I have options for you girls too, don’t worry! Personally I can’t rock the big rainbow sequins. But if you like some understated shine here are some options for you too. I’ve found that a lot of metallic fabrics will give you the same effect as sequins in a much less “in your face I’m sparkly” way.

Meh, not feeling either.
Okay so you don’t do velvet or metallics because let’s be real – they’re both still pretty flashy fabrics. Then maybe you’re a lace or embroidery girl! The great thing about lace dresses is that they’re not just a “holiday” type fabric and can be worn again throughout the year.

And there you go ladies! Choose any of these choices and rock the dress, start the new year being the fabulous you that you are 🙂
Wishing you all the happiest of holidays!

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