The Complete Christmas Gift List

Gift Guide: For the fashion forward

Okay so the title lied, these are really great items to gift someone in general. Some classic pieces and also some on trend, help a friend step out of their comfort zone.

For the ladies:

Current trends: sherpa, white boots, and oversized blazers. These should still last a few seasons as well. I’ve been pretty obsessed with denim if you can’t tell since the picks are 50% denim. And if you combine sherpa AND denim? Game over I’m sold. My old navy sherpa lined jacket has been on repeat so I suggest you snag one as a gift for your favorite bestie too!

For the gents
Current trends: Shirt Jackets (shackets??) from Bonobos is perfect for the “not so cold” Cali weather. The Sneaker/shoe look. I recently purchased the Black Royale’s from Greats for Kevin (and myself) and the leather smell when I first opened the box was so nice. I bought him Allbirds earlier this year and they’re wrecked since wool is such soft fabric. T.T So when I was doing research on these shoes, they rated better than Stan Smiths and much more affordable than Common Projects with a v durable sole. Click here for $25 off! GUYS YOU CAN ROCK SHERPA TOO! Anyways, check out my picks below.

 Gift Guide: For the Nomad/Wanderer

This past year I’ve been traveling up a storm and here are some of the items that would really help the restless soul in your life. Try to meet up with them while they’re in town and give them a useful surprise that will change their travel game!

  • Packing cubes – This helped Kevin and I to pack 16 days worth of stuff into 1 medium and 1 carry on. (I know, so good haha) Don’t get the cheapy kind either because you’ll be zipping and unzipping it a lot so you want it to last.
  • Hanging toiletries bag – The one I have personally is from Muji the perfect size, not too big not too small.
  • Puffer jacket from uniqlo – Why this you ask? I HATE carrying those sand bag neck pillows and the pouch that this jacket comes in is a great alternative. If you’re cold you can wear it, if not then you can use it as an extra pillow!

Gift Guide: For the fitness junkie

Okay so you all know that I’ve recently started using Classpass (let me know if you guys would like to read a review post on this?) and even when I’m not working out – you will most likely catch me in athletic wear. Which is why I did a WHOLE post on athliesure wear and any of the items in the post would be a great gift. Here I’ve also included are some for the men as well as sale items.

For Women:

  • Training shoes – I purchased the TR6 this year and having the flatter shoe definitely helps with lifting
  • Running shoes – Can’t go wrong with the Flyknits or Ultraboosts (also great walking shoes haha)
  • Leggings – Outdoor voices (get $20 off with the link I’ve included) solid leggings and they’ve now come out with a tougher line for outdoorsy things. Nike training leggings are awesome also. And for relaxing, the lululemon Aligns.
  • Gapfit – A brand of workout clothing I accidentally stumbled upon with some great gear! Get 40% with code: DEAL

For Men:

  • Dri-fit: What I’ve found for men in athlethic wear is that DRI-FIT EVERYTHING. Short sleeve sweat wicking shirts will not only be amazing during workouts, but also in the summer as undershirts. Two birds one stone 😉 These Lululemon ones are Kevin’s new favorite!
  • Mens tights: Ladies, if you take your man to yoga type workouts with you, then you best get him some tights because basketball shorts just won’t cut it. Guys, if you go to yoga – get these. They come in all lengths, shorts, longer shorts, capris and full length so go crazy.
Gift guide: For the nature lover

Just the past couple years I’ve been WAY more into getting outdoors and hiking. These are a few of the items I’ve found to come in handy over and over OR new items that I’ve purchased to step up my game. I bet any of your outdoorsy friends would use these and I love it when a gift is both fun and useful at the same time.

  • Rain jacket or windbreaker – These always good for high elevation changes and easy to stuff into a backpack if it gets warm.
  • Patagonia jackets – These are great for winter wear in general, you really can’t go wrong with them.
  • A Hammock – Kevin just bought one of these and I am so excited to use it. Ever stop somewhere on a hike and think, “dang this would be such a nice spot to chill and read”. Yea, that’s what this is for.
  • GoPro – A small compact wide-angle lens? Perfect for #optoutside photos on the gram 😉
  • CamelBak Water Pack – I use mine for day hikes and it is my most used hiking item. I can stuff so many little things into all the pockets.
  • Backpacking pack – This is more of an investment piece. I just received an Osprey pack as a gift and my goal is to hit up Havasupai this year! (Also 3 of my friends have the exact same one)
Gift guide: For the foodie/ chef/ baker in your life

I used to be super into baking in college, mainly because I loved eating sweets and ate super unhealthy back then. Fun fact: A group of friends and I started Baking Club at our school, we sold baked goods and donated them to charity! Since graduating I’ve transformed into a eat out foodie. I’ll eat anything smothered in cheese or sushi of almost any kind. And now with companies delivering recipes and ingredients to your door – I’ve also enjoyed cooking at home as well! So here’s what you can get for all types of foodies in your life!

  • Instantpot – For the friend that likes quick cooking!
  • Chrissy Teigen cookbook – If you watch this lady’s instastories then you’ll definitely be wondering how to cook those delicious meals (lucky John Legend)
  • Mixer – I CANNOT TELL YOU HOW MUCH I NEED A MIXER. Have you tried whipping whipped cream manually?? It sucks.
  • Le Creuset – Heavy duty high quality cookware
  • Sous Vide – I’ve heard this is also great for easy cooking at home!

Additional options:

  • Blue Apron or Hello Fresh gift card! I always feel guilty when ingredients I buy in bulk go bad so this was a great way to cook at home with minimal waste. I have personally tried both and Hello Fresh’s recipes are quicker to make.
  • Any restaurant gift card would make me very happy as well.
Gift Guide: Stocking stuffers/ White elephants

I think this section is pretty self explanatory! I think stocking stuffers are fun because you can gift the most useful things for the least amount of money. Socks, masks, beanies are all budget friendly items that people love to use.

As for white elephant gifts some of my favorites are: Sweet Tomatoes gift cards, AMC movie tickets, or if you want to be funny/ inappropriate get a Shake Weight!

Alrighty! So I hope I’ve given you enough ideas to choose from, and if you don’t like what’s on the list I hope it inspired some of your own gift ideas! Happy gifting everyone <3
Stay tuned for my holiday wear guide coming soon! 🙂

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