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Hello my lovely readers! Thank you for clicking and checking out my page. Whether you’re here because you personally know me or because you stumbled upon this page on accident – it means a lot. If you DO know me, you’ll know I LIIIIVE in athliesure whether I end up going to the gym or not. So if you catch me on the block, this is probably what you’ll find me in. I included some links below to my favorite items that take me from the gym to the streets.

Okay so these crop tops from Outdoor Voices have been giving me life. I like that they’re a little longer than other crop tops since I have a super long torso and when I wear crop tops more often than not they look like bralettes. Because of the length I can wear them to work out, on flights, and whenever I’m too lazy to think too hard about an outfit – with high waisted bottoms of course. Click here for $20off!

Leggings: Nike Power Legendary – thick heavyweight fabric
Shoes: Soludos x Madewell collab – sold out, link to other cute ones
Denim jacket: Forever 21 – 3 seasons ago, link to other option
Crop top: Outdoor Voices – their OV kits are worth it!

If you can’t tell by now, I’m a huge Nike fan. It also doesn’t help that I used to be able to visit the employee store quite often. I’ve had this hoodie for a long time and I wear it season after season. It’s great for women because it’s slightly form fitting you don’t look like a shapless sack wearing it. These leggings from Outdoor voices are also great because they’re made of thicker fabric so they’re high tension – combined with some flat training shoes and you’re all set to go do some squats and werk it!

Hoodie: Nike – similar option
Leggings: Outdoor Voices
Shoes: Nike – similar option, great if you lift

Okay so with this outfit I combined an old fave that I’ve had since last year with a new fave. I bought this Patagonia hoodie last year and I absolutely love it. It’s SO soft, lightweight but warm at the same time – my boyfriend said it’s like hugging a teddy bear so I wear it when I need some extra love. (It’s also eco-friendly since it’s made of all recycled materials!) A new favorite are these Align Crop leggings from Lululemon, they are so comfortable and I wear them when I work from home or run errands. Warning though – because they’re such comfy soft fabric they’re meant more for yoga vs. hardcore training.

Hoodie: Patagonia Snap-T – my favorite
Leggings: Lululemon Align Crop – NOT for running, very light fabric
Shoes: Converse
Backpack: Solesociety

I hope this helps give you all a glimpse into what I wear on what I like to call a “bloggers day off” – which are most days tbh. Especially living in the Bay Area where we tend to dress more on the casual side while running from work, to SoulCycle, to Sweetgreen – I guarantee you these will be pieces you wear over and over again.

Thanks again for reading!
My next post will get more in depth on why I created raychowblogs so I hope you stay tuned!

– Raychow

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