Looking back at 25

Hey guys! I’m no longer 25 and heading into my journey of year 26! Looking back at how I began year 25 – it was so different compared to where I am today. I am moving forward into the second quarter of my life with excitement, such a big contrast from being utterly lost at 25.

Even though I started off my 25th year completely clueless – knowing I wanted things to change but not knowing where to start, I think it turned out pretty great! In 2016 I had my heart broken and mended, resigned from my job to start on a new career path and also decided to start this blog! (Thank you Elena for starting this journey with me!! <3) Through it all, my family and friends are what have gotten me through one of the toughest and best years of my life.

Change is great but I’ll be honest though, it almost always requires difficult situations, emotional struggles and many nights alone with your own thoughts. At this age we are all fighting to find where we belong in this world – I have noticed many of my friends going through the same and I just want to encourage you all to continue on your journey to become the person you have always envisioned.

Lessons I have learned this year:

  • Don’t get comfortable and don’t settle. (Whether it be in your career or love life)
  • Live a life of no regrets! (You want to start a blog? DO IT!) Who cares what people think 🙂
  • Spend time on people who matter, and don’t be afraid to cut off the people who don’t.
  • Once you are happy with yourself, others will be as well.

2016 was the year for me to set up my next moves and 2017 will be the year to get them done! Stepping into 26 years of age with a great man by my side, a new career path and a fresh outlook on life. I’ll check in with you guys again at 27! 🙂

If you’re here that means you have taken the time to read my thoughts and I want to thank you guys for supporting the blog. I hope it helped to encourage a lot of you!

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