A Tanzania Safari

As most of you may know I recently got back from the trip of a lifetime – a honeymoon safari to Tanzania! Six months after our wedding we finally went on our honeymoon. By day two Kevin was already saying that it was one of the top trips he’s ever been on. And he originally didn’t want to do a safari haha. His idea of a honeymoon was lounging around all day on a beach and doing nothing. Which also sounds amazing to be honest. But marriage is about compromise doing what the wife wants, so off to Africa we went! 😂😂 Safari Logistics We decided to go in February because upon research, its the short rains/ dry season in Tanzania, baby season for most animals, especially the Wildebeest. More babies = cuteness and also a higher chance of catching predators on the hunt. We also grouped it together with…

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A Year As An Expat in Amsterdam

It’s been just over a year since Kevin and I packed up our lives from California, the only place we’ve ever lived. And moved halfway across the world to the Netherlands. As a kid I was fortunate enough that my parents could take me on trips almost every summer, so I guess my love of travel was instilled in me at an early age. Little did I know that would lead me to living the expat life. If you read my 3 month update blog post you know that the expat life was a more “realistic” way for us to experience living abroad compared to living a nomad life. You can read more about it on my blog post here. It’s crazy to think of how fast the past year has gone by and all the changes that came with it. Life is different now. Since my last update with…

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5 Tips for Visiting Morocco

For my birthday in December the hubby took me to our first country in Africa – Morocco! It has been on my bucket list for so long and it definitely did not disappoint. We received some cautionary advice about travel there, but still decided to go and just do thorough research. So here’s the top 5 tips if you’re planning a trip to Morocco! Definitely make it out to the desert If you have the time to – you must must must make it out to Merzouga and stay a night in the desert. There are other options such as Scarabeo Camp. It is closer to Marrakech and a good option if you’re short on time. HOWEVER, it won’t be like the photos you see with the gorgeous rolling red hills of sand. If you are planning to make it out to the desert, be aware it’s a 10 hr…

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Farewell 2019, Hello 2020

Hello readers! As most of you may know I like writing an end of year blog post reflecting on the past year to ring in the New Year. (My favorite one to look back on here). I’m not really one to set resolutions, so let’s call them intentions instead. In 2019 If you’ve been following along on my socials, you’ll know 2019 was a pretty busy year. From moving halfway across the world, to marrying my best friend. The last year of this decade was pretty amazing. However, behind all the epic and gram-worthy moments are moments of self doubt and reflection. Figuring out this new identity of being a wife which I never expected to become until I was in my 30s. Being unemployed for the first 8 months and worrying that my career would pass me by. My life plan in the beginning of the decade – finish…

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Cologne Christmas Markets in a Day

Kevin and I decided to spend the holidays/ Christmas season in Europe this year to visit the magical markets! And for our first stop we decided to take a train to Cologne (Köln) Germany for the day with our Amsterdam friends. Because holidays are meant to be spent with the people you love! ❤️ How to get there Living in Amsterdam, it’s fairly easy to get to Cologne, Germany. We took an early train at 6:30AM and we were in Cologne by 9:30! If you are traveling from other parts of Europe, book train tickets at NS International. If you’re traveling from abroad, and you would like to drive. I think it would be totally manageable as I saw multiple parking lots around the city. What you should know When I first planned the trip to Cologne, I thought – we show up, the whole city is decked in Christmas…

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