My Positano Top Picks

If you have looked into visiting Positano, you probably noticed there are a BUNCH of options for everything. Hotels, restaurants and activities to do. It was pretty overwhelming for me so here’s my top three in each category and if relevant I’ll list pros and cons of each. Hotels in Positano We stayed at two different hotels the Marincanto Hotel and the Art Hotel Pasitea which were on completely different ends of town. Hotel Marincanto Pros: Has a pool and it’s own private beach access. A great restaurant on site. Convenient location right by the bus stop, if you arrive by ferry they also have the option for porter services. Not super high on the hill so not as much of a workout to get back to the hotel, just down the road from Le Sirenuse. Cons: This isn’t a complete negative point, but just be aware it is on…

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Tips To Kickstart Your Trip to Malta

So you want to visit Malta huh? But how long should you go for and where should you stay? Keep reading because I’m about to cover that all for you in a hopefully concise way. How long should I plan to visit Malta? The husband and I did a 3 night and day trip in Malta. We flew out Friday afternoon and flew back Monday afternoon. I will say if you have the time, four days would be ideal to really space things out and have some relaxing time. We did a more relaxed trip so on our day 3 we just relaxed by the pool instead of exploring Gozo. Where To Stay We decided to set up our base at the Phoenicia Hotel right outside the walls of Valletta. It’s a quick walk into the city and there are a bunch of restaurants inside for convenience. And also, they…

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How to get to: Fiordo di Furore

Fresh back from my trip to Positano, and I was so excited to be able to visit a place that has been high on my list for awhile – the Fiordo di Furore. Thinking it would be an easy peasy location to get to, I did no research beforehand. But after browsing around the day before the planned visit, I realised that getting there may not be the easiest. Although I should have known because transportation around Positano is already a painful experience. The “Easiest” Way – Scooter Now before all you motorcycle/ scooter people start saying this – yes the easiest way would be to rent a scooter for the day and go directly there. You can go as early as you want unrestricted by public transportation. We decided against this because, *cue flashbacks to our Bali accident*. So I would say that this method of transportation is only…

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Iceland Campervan Travel: Ring Road in 5 Days

Hello lovely readers! It’s been awhile since my last post about Tanzania. And to be honest it feels a bit odd to be writing a travel blog post during these times – but it is something I love to do and love to share about. So I am writing this Iceland travel guide in the spirit of optimism and hopefulness that things will get better and we can all explore again soon. So whenever that time comes – this post will be here for you all. Important COVID travel info Day 1: Silica Hotel / Reykjavik We decided to start our trip in Grindavik at the Silica Hotel. This is the less expensive hotel by the famous Blue Lagoon. They currently have a great summer package deal on their website that includes one night stay, premium entry to the Blue Lagoon, and dinner at one of their restaurants. You can…

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A Tanzania Safari

As most of you may know I recently got back from the trip of a lifetime – a honeymoon safari to Tanzania! Six months after our wedding we finally went on our honeymoon. By day two Kevin was already saying that it was one of the top trips he’s ever been on. And he originally didn’t want to do a safari haha. His idea of a honeymoon was lounging around all day on a beach and doing nothing. Which also sounds amazing to be honest. But marriage is about compromise doing what the wife wants, so off to Africa we went! 😂😂 Safari Logistics We decided to go in February because upon research, its the short rains/ dry season in Tanzania, baby season for most animals, especially the Wildebeest. More babies = cuteness and also a higher chance of catching predators on the hunt. We also grouped it together with…

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